Gretna Surgery Central Avenue, Gretna, DG16 5NA | Tel: 01461 338317

Your Responsibilities To Us


Please arrive on time for any appointment. If you are late, you will be given the choice of making a new appointment or waiting until either the person you are seeing has a gap to fit you in, or until the end of surgery.

If you cannot attend an appointment  please let us know so we can give the appointment to someone else who may need it.

When you arrive, please “clock in” with the receptionist so the computer can be updated, or the person you are seeing will be unaware that you have arrived. If you are left waiting more than 20 minutes, please tell the receptionist so she can check up what is happening for you.


Your appointment is for you only. If you wish someone else to be seen, please prebook an appointment for them too.

Normal appointments are for ten minutes – if you think you are going to need more time than this, please tell the receptionist when you make the appointment and they will book you a double appointment.

Inform the reception of what appointment you need. IfIf. If you know that the appointment you are making is for a procedure (e.g. blood tests, ear syringing, heart tracing, smear, internal examination, pessary fitting, minor surgery) then the receptionist will then be able to book you in with the appropriate person. (nurse/doctor..)


Please keep us informed of any change in your name, address or telephone number (even if ex-directory) in case we need to contact you.